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Is Harold Being Mean and Hateful?

Dear HAC:

           Aren’t you worried you are going to alienate our own people with your repeated chastisements on Radio Free Northwest? This last one was particularly powerful. I know what you’re saying is true, but is it a truth we need to be constantly reminded of?

 -Sam Campbell

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 Dear Sam:

           Yes, it is.

           The overwhelming majority of people who listen to Radio Free Northwest are doing nothing at all, so if I “alienate” them, what’s the difference? What will they do? More nothing?

           Basically, Sam, some people are trying to pull the NF back into the same kind of pointless rite-wing quasi-intellectual dithering and blethering crap we’ve been doing to the past 50 years, the 50 Years Of Failure. Our window of opportunity is now on the horizon when Obama finally implodes, and we are not ready.

           I don’t have any money, so I can’t pay them or bribe them to do the right thing. Stroking them gently and sweetly just generates a lot of internet bilge, and we will not be saved by the personal computer. So I turn up the volume, in the forlorn hope of at least getting their attention for a while, before they blink and lower their muzzles back into the feeding trough.

           The ones who get it, GET IT. The ones who don’t, never will. But there are those who are still in free fall, many of them young, who haven’t given up and settled down behind the PC for the duration yet, who are looking for answers. They are the ones I hope to reach.







  1. Watcher
    Jul 08, 2010

    What would Uncle Adolph do?

  2. Sam Johnson
    Jul 08, 2010

    Excellent response. White Nationalists need to hear the truth weather they like it or not. Thanks, HAC, and keep up the awesome podcasts. I feel they have been very inspiring in my life. I live in Minnesota and visit friends of mine in Illinois at least once a month. So I have reached out to some of the emails on the list and am working on setting up some meetings and continual follow up. I think it’s important to pull racialists together from all across the country. Eventually meeting up in the Northwest and pushing forward the revolution.

    Thanks again.

    Sam Johnson

  3. John Norman Howard
    Jul 08, 2010

    Like HAC says, what are these dainty flowers going to do when their feelings are hurt… more nothing?

    The words of the Lord are stern as well: “Whoever I love, I chasten and rebuke…”

    Only hard men and women are going to save us… the rest are free to remain in their “loved Egyptian night”, as the poet once said.

  4. Charles
    Jul 08, 2010

    It’s now or never.

  5. Brad
    Jul 08, 2010

    This is very very true. I am in Tucson, Arizona and in one months time will be taking the first of 2 or three trips to Idaho to look at land. Im down to 18 months then my family and I are migrating north, because HAC has it %1000 right. You can not accomplish anything from a computer desk, action means going out, and doing whatever it is that needs to be accomplished. No more sitting..no more complacency.

  6. Ray
    Jul 09, 2010

    Like they say, commawn-in, the waters fine.
    or awquityourbillyachin!

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