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In Love With Kicky McGee

Dear HAC,

I wanted to say this, can’t remember to say everything at once. I’ve been telling folks, both real and cyberfolk, about The Brigade. I’ve been telling them that you are at least the best fiction writer from the White Nationalist movement.

I have come to this Movement just over a year ago with a fresh outlook and an open mind and I have jammed over a years worth of reading into my mind. The two books I recommend to any newcomer are The Fame of a DeadMan’s Deeds and The Brigade. And I want to tell you sir, for me it is the character Kicky that insures your immortality. I am in love with Kicky, Kicky is the stuff of legend. So flawed, so beautiful, and what a heroine she turns out to be once her soul is stirred. The scene where she is bloodied, walking towards the enemy firing her weapon, that scene is seared into my mind forever. You and your character Kicky will be part of our folklore until the end of time.

I salute you sir. I recognize your genius. When my health and financial condition permits, I will be there. You must never think for a minute that you have failed. Your place in Valhalla or whatever good afterlife you envision are assured. It is God’s work that you are doing. Hail our final Victory.


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  1. Kevin
    Jul 27, 2010

    Kicky McGee was also the most memorable character IMO. In a way she is sort of an avatar of our race in this moment in history. She represents us in our decadent and degraded condition, and represents the potential we still have as a people; a potential that could be stirred into heroic and vital action.

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