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We Will Create a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.

How Exciting

After listening to podcast 22, I must say that this is truly your most powerful and inspiring for me to date. Glad you shared your conversations with first hand witnesses regarding the holocaust hoax.
 Thank you for deciding it was time to give us more of an outlook of what is to come, what bridges will be crossed when we come to them and what is expected of us. Defining what is needed in a class A and what the volunteer army I believe you called it is and what its mission will be is very powerful and exciting to hear.
 Bradley S.
Okay, are you sufficiently excited to get the hell out of…Georgia, is it (I can’t remember and I don’t retain initial inquiree contacts) and Come Home to the Pacific Northwest, specifically here to the Puget PSA where I myself can make use of your talents? Because if not, I’m not doing my job very well, am I? – HAC

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