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Feedback on E-Mail List

Dear Hal:
     You asked for feedback on the meetings.  A month ago, I met with a WN from Romania in his hometown of Haverhill, Mass.  It was a nice drive across the state for me.  We had some things in common, but mostly we kept disagreeing on different issues.  I’ll get to those in a minute.  He mentioned that the only white people in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who are even remotely committed to the Northwest migration included yours truly (Christian Identity), himself and three members of East Side White Pride in the greater Boston area.
Terrific, I thought.  We have a grand total of 5 WNs interested in a homeland in the Pacific Northwest.  By comparison, there were 19 witches executed at Salem Village (now Danvers, Mass.) in 1692.  The Salem witches have us outnumbered by a factor of five-to-one.
 The guy I spoke to is action-oriented.  He’s not interested in a flag or country.  He just wants to hit back at the coloreds.  He asked me if I wanted to move down to Arizona.  He had some idea about us shooting illegal Latinos in the desert and living off the drug money taken from them.  He thinks direct attacks on blacks and Latinos will provoke the enemy into attacking Whitey, and this will bring about the desired White revolution.  I think all it’s going to do is provide the Border Patrol with a couple of dead WN snipers, with Obamie the Commie taking credit for protecting the border from “extremists.”
Maybe he’s right.  Then again, maybe not.  I think we need a viable WN and CI community within our resettlement areas.  If “Coeur d’Alene” ever happens, there has to be a militant white community and the supportive infrastructure for our people to survive the inevitable counterblow.  Which will be massive and as all-encompassing at the Jew can make it, not only to get us “seditionists” but to frighten the continent’s white people into accepting the New World Order on a permanent basis.  In short, he’s for direct violent action, and I’m for nation-building.  That’s pretty much how our two-hour meeting at Friendly’s Restaurant turned out.
A funny thing happened over the holiday weekend.  I was visiting my sister and her husband at their cottage on Cape Cod.  We went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner on Monday night.  I got an interesting sentence in my fortune cookie: “Act as if failure is an impossibility.”  Prophetic message?  I hope so.
About George W. Bush, I think he’s of the lavender persuasion–just like his daddy.  At Yale, Dubya was a member of the cheerleading team, and his nickname was “Lips.”  Now, how does a male collegiate get a nickname like that?
Keep those news items coming.


  1. MAfreedom
    Jul 06, 2010

    It looks like you found a real winner- Id love to see his plan of shooting Mexicans and living off the drug money in action.

    Its armchair revolutionaries like that who give people working realistically for the advancement of the White race a bad name.
    Next time you find yourself in MA- feel free to give me a call. I can guarantee that there are more than 5 of us.

  2. Ray
    Jul 06, 2010


    The person you met is either a borderline-moronic or an agent provocateur. Run as far and as
    fast as you can away from him. He sounds like a looser too.


  3. bryan
    Aug 23, 2010

    Just our presence in the Homeland will activate the woodchucks. Come Home!

  4. Peter
    Sep 10, 2010

    I’d like to talk about the “poor” Haitians who want to relocate to America/Canada.

    I’m in Canada, Vancouver to be specific, but I use to live in Quebec. Now, when I lived in Quebec, I saw an excellent documentary about the massive number of Haitians that had arrived in Quebec. It seems that an ex-Priest, who was a provincial member of the Quebec assembly, pushed for these Haitians to come to Quebec, and he targeted the poor Haitians rather than the better off ones to come. The documentary was about the great number of Haitian pimps in Montreal. These pimps had relative Haitian women inserted in female child detention centers. These girls were in these detention centers usually because of divorce in the family as they needed to be kept somewhere. The Haitian fronts would invite these white girls to meet their boyfriends. This was a ruse, and worked to bring these girls to the Haitian pimps. The pimps would get the girls stoned, beat and rape them, finally putting them on the street corners as child prostitutes. This became a big problem in Montreal, and the walls in the police station were covered with pictures of these Haitian scum. The child slaves of these Negro pimps were noticeable because the pimps would always brand the girls on the butt, like you would a cow. The pimp’s mark would be burnt on the girl’s ass without painkiller of any kind.

    After the earthquake, the liberal opposition party was repeatedly calling for Canada to bring in the Haitians as immigrants. This was more than ten years since the Haitian pimp affair was made public, but not a word was mentioned about it. I suppose its not surprising since Canada has instituted “hate laws” and has set up human rights tribunals to prosecute the mean Whites for threatening the human rights of these aliens. In the Canadian newspapers, if non-whites commit a crime, their background is not identified, whereas if they are White, they are always identified and reported on over and over again.

    The Canadian Government has targeted Whites. We Whites are living on borrowed time. What amazes me is the massive number of White traitors that abound! Ever since the White German holocaust of the 2nd WW, we have gone downhill, and our identity has been deliberately erased.

    We desperately need a White homeland for our people where White women will be supported and encouraged to bring forth the next generation of White children who will be raised with a White identity!

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