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White Rabbit


Couple of comments. Another good podcast.

I think you might want to address ‘White Rabbit’ 


I’ve been seeing, increasingly, this commentators points and references being quoted in the white nationalist community. It’s obtuse commentary, thick with geopolitical analysis, and some paranormal. But his geopolitical analysis is very good, and very convincing.

The net result of accepting White Rabbit’s view of the racialist struggle is “wait it out, everything will be alright, white people really still do have all of the power, you as little people just don’t know what’s going on at the top.” And somewhere along the way, he injects a hopeful mysticism/occultism invoking Nazi technology, alien origins for whites, etc – which, again, results in basically convincing whites to hang in there, everything will work out, disarming their will to act.

It’s a message many racialists want to hear. Don’t fight. Victory is guaranteed. Just endure.

Been seeing White Rabbit’s trademark mantras showing up here and there on postings and whatnot. His audience appears to be a more intelligent type of racialist, ones we might want for our own.

Character rebirth. Great topic. Know where to get it? Prison. Every, and I mean every, white man going into prison – if he’s not a racialist when he goes in, will be one when he comes out. No doubt. Every white man, I tell you. Food for thought if you ever want to expand on this topic of white character rebirth. Ironic, huh – character rebirth in prison.

I never heard your particular jailhouse saying when I was in. But here are a couple I did hear:


“Stupid is as State does”

“Stupid fucking coward niggers”

“If you ain’t white, you ain’t right”

“What up Jewboy!”

 Best regards;




  1. Pete
    Jun 21, 2010

    I’ve listened to Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit since day 1 and I disagree that his message is “Don’t fight. Victory is guaranteed. Just endure.”

    Instead, he talks about how we need to be on a consistent message. He talks about white genocide and the mantra which can bring our opponents down. from where I come from, these are fightin’ words.

    He is not for everyone but he certainly has a very large audience and is reaching people traditional white nationalists would not reach.

    Which is what we want.

  2. Colonel House
    Jun 21, 2010

    Firstly, as an alumni of the federal gulag, I can attest to your character rebirth comments, and your jailhouse sayings are right on.

    Your understanding of the White Rabbit philosophy is faulty, however. Horus the Avenger is merely a personable and “radio friendly” voice for the Bob Whitaker philosophy http://www.whitakeronline.org/blog/ which in no way advocates “doing nothing” or waiting for “things to even out.” The main message is an endless, unrelenting political attack upon our detracters–using the ancient Republican Greek definition of politics, which is the interaction between two or more individuals. Horus the Avenger strays dangerously close to the Miguel Serrano/Antarctic UFO/NS Supernaturalism heresy at times, but if you research the Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) as it relates to esoteric Hitlerism, Operation Paperclip, NASA, and the AEC, (non-Jewish sources, of course) you’ll find some amazing and unexplainable things.

    Depending on a miracle to save our asses is lunacy, and direct action is required, as logic dictates. I don’t know why the White Rabbit broadcasts even mention the Schwarze Sonne, but I suspect it has a correlation to the age and level of enthusiasm of Horus the Avenger.

  3. bryan
    Jun 21, 2010

    I recommend the white rabbit radio show! Great insights to the white rabbit! The show is more of an observers prospective. Many of the shows state that the whites rabbits dont have a home and the ultimate goal is to give us a home.


  4. Mr. Nobody
    Jun 23, 2010

    Three thoughts:

    One, Horus is speaking of effective political warfare, and eminently practical politics. The importance of a consistent message, including the admonition to always operate within the law, is the foundation of effective practical politics.

    Two, Horus addresses The Big Picture from one level, and you, from another. The Northwest Homeland is the essential bridge between where we are, and where our posterity will be.

    Three, an idea for you next book – take the perspective of several families who are fleeing the Hell America will become with all they have in their cars, as they flee The Collapse, and write it with an eye to their posterity meeting and discussing how to develop the White Racial Homeland.

    Your questions on basic NS economics have already been answered; Schacht wrote a book in 1964 dealing with banking and currency, and the Scandinavian states serve as models of NS organization.

    You are much more important than you realize, Harold.

    Robert Heinlein wrote Starship Troopers, and inspired generations of young men to support NASA, and space exploration, on the long term, and to join the Corps of Marines on the near term.

    I was at a management training seminar, in a kinder, gentler time, and the instructor asked what our undergrad majors were – the two prior to med said “history,” and I replied “history, and moral philosophy.”

    The instructor looked at me, smiled, and said, “Down here from the Rodger Young, Mr. Dubois?”

    Four guys in the class cracked up.

    Want to guess how well the five of us did when we were broken down into team assignments?

    Your are my children’s Heinlein, Harold.

    You have succeeded where all others have failed, and your ideas are just getting started.

    I am going to use two words to you that you rarely, if ever, hear.

    Thank you.

    For my children’s sake, and their children’s sake.

    Thank you.

  5. Roderick Bateman
    Jul 05, 2010

    I don’t think follow the white rabbit is about sitting back and believing everything is going to be ok but rather about actually being able to convince people that we are right. For decades the enemy was digging into a certian moral philosophy and then indoctrinating entire generations to come. I think what horus and bob are doing are using that indoctrination to their advantage so that we can eventually turn public opinion in our favour. Individually we can do it just with one on oneconversations but if the message ever got on national television with important people involved… well I think people would start getting very racial

    Dec 21, 2010

    Anyone who makes the struggle as convoluted and far fetched as he does jolts my “disinfo” artist detector meter.

    Anyone who does not already know that you must stick on topic and know your facts is a newbie and who could be horribly mislead by this drivel.

    It’s all very easy: The Jew is the enemy. This is not a battle against good and evil, morality has nothing to do with any of this. Jews are like a disease, a plague, or a cancer. There are no good diseases, a plagues, or a cancers in our world. If our race is to survive we must destroy that which plagues us and which will put us in our graves. The days for half measures have gone on far too long.

    My last website (RIP) made a point to go in depth on Jew recognition from A-Z. Maybe people will come to accept that, yes indeed, it is the Jew who is destroying us and must be stopped but how many of you are experts at Jew detection beyond the obvious stereotypes?

    One must become acquainted with Jewish name recognition and origins, genetics, physical features and recognition of, common disorders and genetic diseases. behavior patters, etc before we stand much of a chance.

    It sickens me that so many self proclaimed WN couldn’t spot a Jew if his life depended on it beyond what is obvious. The obvious Jews are bad but it’s the ones who have blended in genetically through intermarriage or simply socially who will pose the biggest threat. That which you cannot see will drive a rusty dagger in your heart from the back-that is a guarantee.

    When dealing with the Jew be aware that the creature is your deadliest of enemies, there can be no happy middle ground when dealing with the Jewish problem, it’s all or nothing, or literally us or them.

    Study the Jew, never fear this pest, learn how to deal with them and crush them in any debate. They aren’t as brilliant as they would have you believe-it’s all just another of their charades that too many have fallen for. These creatures can be driven back. When you learn how to deal with these things appropriately you really can drive them back into the shadows. Eventually we must come to terms that when dealing with the Jew, the idea of expulsion just puts our children of jeopardy. The Jew will never change what it does and Jewish expulsion is the cowards way out.

    Only one solution exists. When it comes time to deal with the Jew there can be no mercy on any of them. Any moron who thinks differently is not on our side but is actively putting the rope around our collective throats–the rope belongs around the throats of only one group and you all must come to accept this even if you dare not speak of it.

  7. Jimmy Marr
    Dec 22, 2010

    Big Jim,

    I get the impression your website is defunct. Where can we go for further instruction in identifying the Enemy.

    Dec 23, 2010

    @ Jimmy Marr, I am currently considering starting a new website and putting all I had back up.

    Remember, until the jew is dealt with we will have absolutely no chance of solving any of our other problems. The jew is the force behind almost all of the troubles we face. From Abortion thru zionism, it is the jew who has lead the charge against us in everything from immigration, subversion of our culture and our nations. In every case where we face problems I challenge you to trace the origins of any problem you face and you will find a jew(s) at the other end. If we fail to take on the jew head on we will NEVER win on any of the other issues, ever.

    I gave much of my information for Adam @ SubvertedNation to post, his style and mine differ quite a bit and also in our presentation. For now that is your best bet. Try to avoid any site which doesn’t promote the hard-line, unless they do they are blowing smoke up your ass. We are at war, make no mistake on that.

    On my previous sites I tried to keep everything simple and very clear. It is of utmost importance to help our fellows to clearly see what we are up against.

    Even on matters which are easily provable such as the Kosher Tax, most people just refuse to believe it could be happening. Other sites have spoken on this, and many obfuscate the issue to the point of nausea. It is all very simple. Ukar.org(long defunct) had the most comprehensive dissection of the Kosher fraud. His pdf’s can be found at sites all over, “What I found in my pantry”. A site called KosherTax.net has popped up and included some of my old material on the origins of the Kosher Tax, proving that it was exactly that, a tax. See page 3 of their site.

    You can find plenty of info on jewish genetic disorders for yourself by simply searching with that term in your search engine. The jews are plagued by many diseases exclusively to either ashkenazi or sepahrdic jews-or both! By finding these admission from jewish sites it all adds to the credibility. and to my point, jews are a race. No belief in any religion causes genetic disorders. Jews are a race, judaism is a supremacist ideology and battle plan-not a religion at all. Some converts are accepted to maintain the ruse of judaism as a religion but notice, they do not actively recruit new members-nor do they want any.

    When I say we are at war, the jews are attacking us from every front. The most important thing to remember is that we need specialists who concentrate on each are of assault-like Kevin MacDonald(psychology/culture). CODOH(history), IHR(history), etc do. We need to understand that winning on any one front will save us in this battle when we are losing on every other front.

    Sound defeatist? Nope, realism is what it is. The good news is that soon, very soon, our people will begin to embrace our message more and more if we keep pumping it out, then the boots will march on the street, and hopefully sooner than later, each jew is fed feet first into the wood-chipper with haste..

  9. JoeHapp
    Dec 24, 2010

    “Anyone who makes the struggle as convoluted and far fetched as he does jolts my “disinfo” artist detector meter.

    Anyone who does not already know that you must stick on topic and know your facts is a newbie and who could be horribly mislead by this drivel.”

    The whole entire genre that Horus is talking to is convoluted. Just go to Rense.com and look around. If anything, Horus is Chrystal clear once you spend time listening to him. Compared to the others, he is real clear. More importantly he has been successful in targeting this audience from a racial perspective. The first of his kind to do so.

    I make no bones about it. I do not care for a lot of the topics he discusses. His stuff is not necessarily for me. He actually has a target audience (and I am not in it). And they have actually done their homework. The podcast has done a whole lot in just over a year to move a consistent message forward at break neck speed. And I respect success.

    You cannot bring down this type of system without a consistent message. And you need one written by pros to boot. The guys over at BUGS have all that going for them. There is no “disinfo” there. Just cold hard facts. No closed society has ever been brought down through bullets. These types of societies are all brought down the same way with a consistent message.

    Horus does all kinds of tongue in cheek style goofy things. Some of it can be irritating and some of it can be quite funny. I support whatever works.


    Dec 24, 2010

    “Horus is Chrystal clear once you spend time listening to him.”

    Good luck getting many folks other than the very curious or those already on our side to do it.

    “consistent message”

    Maybe so if you wish to see it that way. The ordinary boob out there might get part of the message and then will run when he goes on with the rest of his routine. This is a reality, the average guy out there isn’t going to listen to it. Nor will they listen to mine, maybe a few will and that’s part of the point of it all-as long as a few do, it all starts there and grows momentum from there.

    I too am a big fan of what works, my question is how do we know it’s working besides his core audience who is already on our side? What is the purpose of speaking to the choir? I have been a big proponent of getting everyone who is willing involved and starting sites, making videos, writing articles, or whatever they can to further the cause.

    I realized long ago that each of us has a unique perspective and take on it all and can win people over that others have failed to. It’s all a matter of taste. If folks out there like that flavor so be it, all I know is that it’s not for me and I know not the choice of others–but good luck to him.

    For me, I don’t need to go on and on about ancient Sumerians, the possibilities of what’s to happen in 2012, Kenniwick man, or anything else-we are getting routed by the enemy right now. People can play games in trivialities and minutia all they want if that’s what floats their boats and will lead them to the cause, but time is not on our side, not at all.

    I will continue to bang the drum and point to the enemy and list the crimes of their kind and why it is futile to take on any side issue other than taking the main enemy down first.

    We are being overwhelmed by the third world(thanks to the jew), almost 90 million in the last 8 years, almost 90 million since 1980, projected immigration for the next 20 years tops 120 million additions, and that’s a conservative estimate. Remember, illegal/legal immigration is but only one of our major worries, play this forward and try to envision the hell that’s coming down upon us.

    Believe me, I know my message is harsh but in time, and very short order at that, my message will be met with a much warmer reception.

    Dec 24, 2010

    Correction on the stats-

    Sorry, I was multitasking and got it mixed up, here’s the latest from VDare:

    WASHINGTON (December 21, 2010) – Most of the media coverage of the 2010 Census will likely focus on the country’s changing racial composition and the redistribution of seats in Congress. But neither of these is the most important finding. Rather, it is the dramatic increase in the size of the U.S. population itself that has profound implications for our nation’s quality of life and environment. Most of the increase has been, and will continue to be, a result of one federal policy: immigration. Projections into the future from the Census Bureau show we are on track to add 130 million more people to the U.S. population in the just the next 40 years, primarily due to future immigration.

    So much for attempting to hold national carbon emissions stable.

    * Immigration accounted for three-quarters of population growth during the decade. Census Bureau data found 13.1 million new immigrants (legal and illegal) who arrived in the last 10 years; there were also about 8.2 million births to immigrant women during the decade.1
    * The numerical increase of 27.3 million this decade is exceeded by only two other decades in American history.
    * Without a change in immigration policy, the nation is projected to add roughly 30 million new residents each decade for the foreseeable future.
    * Assuming the current ratio of population to infrastructure, adding roughly 30 each decade will mean:
    o building and paying for 8,000 new schools every 10 years;
    o developing land to accommodate 11.5 million new housing units every 10 years;
    o constructing enough roads to handle 23.6 million more vehicles every 10 years.

    * While our country obviously can ‘fit’ more people, and technology and planning can help manage the situation, forcing such high population growth through immigration policy has profound implications for the environment, traffic, congestion, sprawl, water quality, and the loss of open spaces.
    * …While immigration is making our population much larger and our country more densely settled, it has only a modest impact on slowing the aging of our society. It must be remembered that native-born Americans, unlike couples in most other developed countries, still have about 2 children on average.2
    * Census Bureau data collected earlier this year showed that the 13.1 million immigrants who arrived in the last 10 years, plus all of the children they had once in the country, have reduced the average age in the United States slightly, from 37.4 years to 36.8 years.3
    * As the Census Bureau stated in its population projections published in 2000, immigration is a ‘highly inefficient’ means for addressing the problem of an aging society in the long run. The updated projections done in 2008 show the same thing.

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