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RFN #20 Nailed It

Hey Mr. Covington,

I have only started listening to RFN 20 and you nailed it again. I was explaining to Ben today on the phone that when I went to hear Mr. Sunic speak it was being held at a regular meeting hall. This is what I wanted to discuss with you when I saw you. We are much different then these individuals. I was afraid that you would point out to me that saying this is counter-productive to the movement, I was wrong. The experience re-affirmed to me that I am a part of the most active group in the movement. Besides what you explained I told him that I am sure NF is the only group with balls and a solution. I am very much uncomfortable dishing on the net. I will elaborate in person.

Also your negativity is not depressing. Possibly some people cannot handle the truth. Our own weakness put us in the very position we are attempting to get out of.

Happy happy joy joy



  1. jack ryan
    Jun 11, 2010

    I disagree with Bailey – who says the “negativity is not depressing”.

    It’s very depressing and brings in all sorts of American “movement” bad karma – 100 years of “failure”.

    The Northwest Migration is just getting started, the effort by racially conscious Whites in America to throw off deeply held loyalties to America/Americuhhhh, Conservative GOP politics etc and start to work to break away and form a new nation in the Pacific Northwest – that’s just getting started.

    Our HAC is an excellent writer – THE BEST AMERICAN WN WRITER EVER and his radio show, podcasts when focused on positive messages, good music, sound, productive commentary – yeah, that’s also very good, and inspiring.

    But falling down in to same old, same old American Movement ragging on others, moaning about how small and ineffective the NorthWest front E-mail list is, how cowardly and lazy American WN, American Whites are – that isn’t inspiring – it’s depressing.

    I would like to see the Northwest Front move away from being a one man show – like to see others step up to work as editors, fund raisers, organizers and help edit and manage HAC’s great talent, but also open up the NWF to other talented people. The Northwest Migration isn’t a one man show and frankly HAC’s great talents are as a writer – he’s not our Brigham Young that will inspire and organize hundreds of thousands of racially conscious Whites to do a modern day Mormon trail trek to the Pacific Northwest and start a new nation.

    None of us can do it all alone.

    And there are lots of great things racially conscious Whites not in the Pacific Northwest can do to support this great movement.

    Let’s work to get back on the positive track.

    14 words.

  2. William Hale Thompson
    Jun 11, 2010

    HAC isn’t “negative.” He is truthful. There is a difference.

  3. Keith Fulton
    Jun 11, 2010

    I think HAC himself pretty much responded to that already. You want him to be positive, give him something to be positive about.

  4. Bob Rudisill
    Jun 11, 2010

    HAC has a point. WE are the problem and I don’t see any merit in trying to avoid the issue like it doesn’t exist. Ignoring problems and pretending that everything is hunky-dory is just dumb, and 50 years of failure on our part proves it doesn’t work.

  5. phil white
    Jun 11, 2010

    It wouldn’t be so depressing if we had some activity to talk about.
    I was out there handing out leaftes etc on general right wing soft core racialist stuff last summer. Even that kind of material is helpful in preparing the political climate for a Northwest Republic.
    The kind of guys who sit on the internet and talk about how they are going to Kick A– someday are too lazy to lead by example.
    They read the Northwest novels and day dream about fighting, (which really would be a lot less than fun).
    Before you can have a Republic, before you can even physically fight for one, you will have to do a huge amount of on the ground political agitation/organization.
    If some of these key board commandos actually got up now and fired a shot in anger they would be rounded up and made an example off.
    The basis for any revolution is political support among the local population.
    America is coming appart already. Look at the near border war between Arizona and Mexican California. WE CAN DO THIS!!
    All we need to do is a serious amount of agitatioin among the whites of the Northwest. Eventually they will “get it” about race. That is when the Fed Gov will crack down on us because their control of the PNW couldn’t survive our political activity.
    By definition that means we will have won over 5% of the population, political donations will be rolling in, meetings will rival what the Tea Parties do and ZOG will be quaking in their boots.
    ZOG is already afraid of what just I’m doing, on a small scale.
    Once ZOG cracks down in fear, arresting our leaders, breaking up meetings, confiscating copy machines and computers etc, our support will blossom from 5% to 30% of the population.
    After a short period of this kind of police state oppresion (I’d say a year) THEN the key board commandos can come out of the closet and start the physical revolution.
    If one of them had the guts to do anything violent now, they would fail AND set the movement back.
    Then we can have something positive on the POD cast etc. YOU WANT POSITIVE! MAKE IT YOURSELF!
    Walked the walk, talked the talk. Look my Northwest street activity up on stromfront.org/activism/advancedscout/bring and old man in from the cold. (I’m Strelnikov on SF)
    Complete with pictures you young whimper snapers. 🙁
    Some of the women in the movement might do as well to start community organizaing work instead of leafleting or other strictly political stuff.
    You women need to form home schooling associations, have bake sales, start a communal garden, ANY THING to build community cohesion. Then the political shoulders WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO FIGHT FOR! A living, breathing village.
    In 1942 when Soviet Kommissars were organizing the evacuation of factories and civilians from Stalingrad, Josep Valisovich sent an urgent order, “Stop this evactuation immediately. The soldier will not fight for an empty city.”
    Women, give us SOMETHING TO FIGHT FOR!
    Do that and I personally guarntee you gals, I will be there kicking the guys a– to “go over the top”.

  6. Robert Campbell
    Jun 12, 2010

    Frankly, I have to admit I am changing my opinion about Mr. Covington. His recent podcasts have been nothing short of brilliant and this latest one for June 10th was the best yet, in addition to being quite funny.

  7. Watcher
    Jun 13, 2010

    WHT said:

    “HAC isn’t “negative.” He is truthful. There is a difference.”

    You stole my thunder.. +1

    We MUST live in the real world folks, and matters are indeed grim. If I was not an ardent CI guy with a lot of faith and study of relevant prophecy that tells me we will win, I would simply give up.. and I am NOT a quitter by any measure!

  8. Watcher
    Jun 13, 2010

    Phil White said:

    “If some of these key board commandos actually got up now and fired a shot in anger they would be rounded up and made an example off.
    The basis for any revolution is political support among the local population.”

    Have to disagree if you mean a large percentage.. the American Revolution was won by a small minority of the Colonists

  9. phil white
    Jun 13, 2010


    According to Mao, what you need for successful guerilla warfare is the active support of 30% of the population, plus rough terrain, (Jungles, moutains or forest) and an out side state sponsor.
    HAC, Tom Chittum both seem to agree the Pacific Northwest has a lot of this. Russia would be my preference for an outside allie if it comes to war.
    Right now our task is to build the small white nationalist communities, do the hard work of political agitation to garner 3% white support, then let ZOG recruit the last 27% to our cause by attempting to supress us.

  10. Watcher
    Jun 14, 2010

    Agreed Phil, but by my reckoning, being up here for 20 years is that we already have a strong support base, (maybe even 35-40 %) outside of the Tacoma/Seattle zone, as long as we play the cards right. It’s simply not yet time, but IMO it is quite near. This Gulf disaster is likely to cause a mass exodus in the South, as well, and what the makeup of those refugees consists of is going to have an impact wherever they go

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