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Guest Commentators on Radio Free Northwest

Hi, guys:

           Nowhere is it chiseled in granite that Radio Free Northwest has to be some kind of one man band. I would like to get some more participation, if only to show that there is in fact more than one of us, and I am sure people are getting a bit tired of the sound of my droning voice.

         I do not as yet have the technical expertise to do interviews by Skype or have live guests on the show, but let’s start with something small. If you have something you would like to do for the podcast, a “short shot” of your own, contact me and we’ll discuss it first. This is to avoid the embarrassment of you guys sending me something that’s unsuitable for whatever reason (possibly due to no fault of your own at all) and me having to reject it, and then you howling “Hurrold is being a power-mad dictator! He wouldn’t broadcast my two hour lecture on UFO Alien Aryans In Ancient Atlantis!” etc.

         With all due respect, guys, this is official Northwest Front stuff now, and I do intend to maintain creative control over my own part of things. If you want to do something on your own, do your own podcast like Silas Lindt is doing with his Radio North Idaho (uh, is that right, Silas? Sorry, forgot the name of your show. Damned senility again.)…anyway, if you want to do your own show, more power to you. I am not kidding about wanting to encourage individual initiative.

         After you have okayed your RFN concept in general principle with me, you will need to send your contribution to me in the form of an mp3 file. If the file is too big for your ISP or mine to handle (Earthlink has a 10 MB limit on attachments) you can use sendspace.com or some other big-file upload service. The main possible problem I can foresee is technical quality, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

         Also, I am certainly up for musical suggestions as well, but when you make your suggestion, if you can, try and let me know where I can find your song on the internet in mp3 or YouTube format.