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Smuggling Books Into Germany

Hi Harold,
It sounds like you are lucky to get the books back.
I have some experience sending things through German Customs having worked with a contra banned skinhead music label a good friend ran a few years back and I know there are things that they will not even give hardly a glance too.
Some of these techniques may seem low by our standards but this is war and we have to stoop low sometimes to win a battle or three.
One of the tricks my friend employed to get his verboten CD’s into the new Weimar Republic was to wrap them in a jacket of another main stream band (he had a shrink wrap machine), like The Jackson Five complete with a full re-creation of the cover with all the niggers on it, he would label it as a “sample disk” the kind that publishers send out to radio stations for Air play, some of his customers would freak out since the box would come in with customs stickers all over and the disk cover had the picture of a nigger on it, but they would laugh their asses off when they realized the ruse worked and they got their favorite skinhead bands latest album without a hitch.
In your case you could use a dust cover from War and Peace or some other such title, it would be good to shrink wrap each book and send them one at a time using a made up Publishing company name for a return address since your own publishing name and address have most probably been compromised with this latest escapade (its probably on a computer database by now, I hear Canada does the same thing).
I hope this gives you some ideas for the future  🙂

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