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The Curse of The Brigade Strikes Again

Holy Christ, Harold, it’s happened again!

You know that four of the Beautiful People that you describe getting whacked in The Brigade’s “Taking Down Tinsel Town” section are now dead in real life? One of those was Brittany Murphy, that little girl who always looked like she was on heroin. Now her Jew husband has been found mysteriously dead in the same house in Hollywood.

Okay, the husband wasn’t mentioned in The Brigade, but if we do decide to count him as a victim of The Curse, then along with Brittany herself, Bea Arthur, Heath Ledger, and Corey Haim, that make five dead Hollyweirds who have now been “taken down in Tinsel Town.”

This is beginning to get a little creepy, Harold. I am starting to wonder if Michael Hoffman II is right and you do practice black magic.

-Ed Peacock

Okay, guys, look, I know this Curse crap sounds ridiculous, but buzz like this is what intrigues and catches the interest of boobus Americanus, pops up on search engines, and gets hits on web sites. See if you can spread it around. Yeah, I know, we’re not TMZ.com and we don’t need or want TMZ.com’s kind of people, but the object is for us and our sites to become widely known. We’re going to have to pan a lot of toxic waste before we find the few nuggets of gold in the cesspool.

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  1. Dave
    May 24, 2010

    Get busy on that sequel!

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