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NF “Too Controversial” For VOR

Hi, guys:

One of the e-mails I found waiting for me when I got home from Idaho was from Mike Conner of Voice of Reason radio, declining to broadcast Radio Free Northwest on VOR because I am too controversial. (His words.) Mr. Conner did at least state that he had done me the courtesy of actually listening to some of the podcasts. Whether that helped or hurt, he didnt say.

Guys, I think we need to start coming to grips with the fact that we are not going to get much help from the existing Movementestablishment, if you want to call it that.

The NF has a plan, and that scares these older and more established people silly. We are boat-rockers. They fear (correctly) that we might bring heat. We are not just the new kids on the Movement block, we are the new kids on the block packing an Uzi, if only metaphorically speaking (so far.)

We need to develop our own communications network and bypass not only the Mainstream Media but our media, the nabob-run VBulletin boards, etc. It shouldnt be like that, but it is.


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  1. Marc Hollister
    May 12, 2010

    I completely agree.

    The Northwest Front will be the preeminent white nationalist movement of the future. Things will become more racialized as we head down the slippery slope, in the US, but most movement racialists that are not complete kooks and fantasizers still believe we can somehow take the entire country by storm or by stealth. Even if this strategy were successful, it wouldn’t come without racial and cultural compromise. Even fellow secessionists won’t allow for an all-White homeland.

    The Northwest Front is ahead of the curve. We will anticipate the clearing of the white nationalist mind, and as they come to realize that our vision is the only serious, honorable, and realistic vision to preserve our people’s future – our ranks will swell. Maybe not with out-and-out foot soldiers, but there will be plenty of well-wishing collaborators.

    We must project ahead for the inevitable white nationalist victories across the country, such as the Arizona illegal roundup law, and the taste for more….followed by the equally inevitable white nationalist disappointments as the complexities and impossibilities of a nationwide white re-takeover of the country make themselves felt. Then our comrades will turn to us.

    We need to be ready. Developing ourselves internally, tightening up our ship. Communications, discipline, collaboration – we need to strive for a professional, can-do reputation in all of these areas and more if we are to succeed in the historic task appointed to us.

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