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Loved RFN #16

Yesterday afternoon I listened to RFN 16.  That was my favorite RFN yet.  After that my favorite is the RFN where you explain how to identify a rat.  but #16 is crucial, there will be no more white people if we don’t make babies and raise them White and right. 
There are so many deluded people these days that would rather live in their parents’ basement and save up for a fancy car rather than do what we were actually put on this earth to do.  I am a woman and embrace my god given womenly talents and responsibilities.  I love how you remind everyone that men and women aren’t supposed to be at odds with one another but are to work together, like yin and yang.  I recently reminded someone that women are supposed to be a man’s loyal team mate rather than mortal enemy and vice versa.  I could go on forever seeing how family values and feminism are two of my favorite ranting topics however you said it best in RFN 16.  Thanks!