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Great #18


Great podcast on #18. I really liked the message to our enemies at the end and the overall logical directive you gave to our people. 

To be honest, I am surprised there aren’t more “Movementarians” jumping onto this bandwagon in droves. I think you are right when you say many of these people are simply internet junkies. They have been around since the late 90’s posting on Stormfront, networking with “comrades” from around the world, playing World of Warcraft and the like. Not willing to make the 1st step of moving to the NW, let alone, start a revolution.
It is a shame really that materialism can cause our people to feel comfortable enough to do nothing but whine while their white world around them falls apart.
Anyway, this is the most sound idea I have come across in years. I am already in the works on planning my move to the NW. I know it won’t be any sort of red carpet welcome with brown-shirted columns giving me a stiff right-armed salute, but at least I know it is the right way and will become whatever I make of it.

Thanks for your hard work for our race despite all the idiotic banter that opposes you from all sides. Your words do inspire hope in a hopeless world and have some direction which I think most racialists lack these days.

Feel free to mail me any info you deem necessary. I have much to do in order to Come Home.”


PS. I attached a nice version of an SS song “Wir sind des Geyers Schwarzer Haufen” to include in podcasts if you wish. Great song!

Myself, I have been involved with a few groups over the years thinking they were the way to victory only to be disappointed by failure from incompetant and degenerate “leaders”. I think many people might feel the same way and be more wary these days. Kind of like a first crush that cheats on you-once bitten, twice shy-type of thing.