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RFN #16 Spot On

Dear HAC,

I will attempt to keep this short and to the point, as I too am guilty of rambling on and on at times when I am writing.

Anyway, simply put, spot on with RFN #16. A friend and co-worker today asked me if my wife knew about him. All I could say is the truth, “yes, she knows you through me.” He asked me if his wife would get along with mine. Me being who I am, I told him honestly, “No my wife would tell your wife she is fucked up.”

Obviously he had to ask why. I told him that his wife bitches and complains too much and fights with him for no reason at all other than to aggravate and anger him.

He was truly shocked by my candor. However, I physically saw something change in his face. Not anger for hearing the truth, but a realization of some kind. I know from our conversations he is the very thing you speak of universally as corrupted by Jew TV and cultural conditioning. She might just as well being a Jew. Too much cultural conditioning from Jew TV. He was horrified ti learn that my wife and I stopped turning the idiot box on!

A slow process of trying to help an Aryan Brother to see the folly of his way. Maybe only worth the effort to me because I see the Aryan in him….veiled by conditioning and false learning. Still, his Aryan traits shine through more than he knows. Shame that I must exclude him from NF for lack of trust due to his corruption, but stupid I am not, for he has no desire to read and I have no desire to speak. I only desire to take action to correct this passive-aggressive genocide against our noble race. You can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink. True enough an adage, to my disappointment!