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Colonel House’s latest:

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Great #18

HAC-  Great podcast on #18. I really liked the message to our enemies at the end and the overall logical directive you gave to our people.  To be honest, I am surprised there aren’t more “Movementarians” jumping onto this bandwagon in droves. I think you are right when you say many of these people are […]

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RFN #18 The Best Yet

HAC: Your latest Radio Free Northwest is the best one yet. I liked your final segment especially where you read the riot act to the FBI and SPLC spies. You are right. We ourselves are the problem. All the novels and computer bulletin boards and key-board tapping in the world isn’t going to do any […]

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Radio Free Northwest – May 27th 2010

In this broadcast Mr. Covington talks about working a day job, dealing with hostile relatives, tiny little “rallies,” and speaks directly to our enemies and to our comrades.  

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Liked RFN #16

Just listened to podcast #16. Can’t emphasize enough the genocide of White people by Jewish policy. The part on how they (Jews) have put White men and White women at odds was very enlightening. Just joined social network. Please feel free to list my e-mail on any roster on the site. I  look forward to […]

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The Curse of The Brigade Strikes Again

Holy Christ, Harold, it’s happened again! You know that four of the Beautiful People that you describe getting whacked in The Brigade’s “Taking Down Tinsel Town” section are now dead in real life? One of those was Brittany Murphy, that little girl who always looked like she was on heroin. Now her Jew husband has […]

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First Result For E-Mail List

Hello HAC, I met a guy from the Massachusetts list below ( last night for a couple of drinks. We had a great time. I think this list will prove to be a boon to our cause and I hope more folks ask to be added. -Russ in Massacchusetts

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Welcome Home, Kim

Welcome Home, Kim! Dear HAC: I did it! I moved from Southern California (Hellifornia) to Liberty Lake, WA three weeks ago. I am in an apartment here temporarily until I figure out whether I want to live on WA or Idaho side. This was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I walked away from my […]

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We Are Known

I was sitting here at work quietly listing to RFNW 17  (there are  more Mexicans here than there are humans so I can’t blast it.) Then I remember that my employee (used to have five; now I am down to one) used to live in Oregon, and he is white. So I asked him if he ever heard […]

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Radio Free Northwest – May 20th, 2010

In this broadcast HAC talks about Freemasonry, a White dating service, the other Covington novels, and about why we “hate.”

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