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This Is Just Creepy

I received the following blogspam today:

Website : Cock ball torture gallery. (IP: , xanhlacay.info)
URL    : http://torture.phpbb.net/
Trackback excerpt:
<strong>Nipple torture….</strong>

Cock and ball torture. Medieval torture devices….

I assume some Jew or Goat Dancer put me on some kind of S & M list but still–this is just creepy. Obviously there must be a market for this kind of thing or else they wouldn’t be bothering to spam it. You really wonder sometimes, just how sick have we become in our society?


  1. phil white
    Apr 03, 2010

    Hello: Where do we go to get to listen to the talk shows on the Northwest Migration? I heard HAC talk with the Patriot Dames once but don’t remember how to get to the proper part of the northwest migration stuff to hear them again.
    I’m kind of in limbo has I was recently booted from Storm Front and also SPLC/ADL type gremlins seem to be interferring with my registering on new chat rooms.

  2. The Old Man
    Apr 03, 2010


    Go to http://www.northwestfront.org and click on the link in the center right.


  3. Jeremy Freisler
    Apr 06, 2010

    Jews are fun,hehehe I had this girl that came to my groups page and signed up, she called herself Heebskin,hehe. I would get rid of her and she would come back with a different name. Writing me these love messages and shit, it was fucking weird but I thought it was funny. The jew amused me,hehehe

  4. M. Austin C.
    May 11, 2010

    I have tried to locate the masters of filth, but cannot for that site. It is without a doubt that Zionists are behind it though.

  5. McBragg
    May 11, 2010

    Likely some homo jew signed ya up..

  6. Sanya
    Oct 10, 2010

    Well, if anyone of u remember those Hutaree Christian Militia folks. I’ve got into their site once and I can tell u fellows: Big Brother does work well with those sonsabitches and surely have a fleet of hackers to slam into “suspected” sites to turn it into the Hell hole. As a matter of fact I am wondering why they did not infested this resource just yet.

    The site obviously promote mutiny, secession and revolution at some point. Bc there could be no new “Homeland” without fight. Do u think if we’ll raise 2 000 noble and heroic man to lead us to victory of the movement Obamanoids (or whoever in their place) will likely to sit down and negotiate separation and lost of such a territory? This site pretty much recruiting within sovereign entity. And why would someone allow such thing and watch how we gather together to separate from them? Look back into History – could you see any example when people were doing this openly?
    Just as an example – there Dixie Southern movement. And they are for secession of defined and historically formed states from the Union. Thats one thing and it is somewhat legitimate to expect.

    But to brake out under some form of totally new and (hostile for them) constitution and snatch very sizable chunk of land – that’s something new.
    So don’t be surprise if “chosen” ones will start coming up more and more to this forum and trash the places, aggravate bloggers, provoke radical conversations.
    Sonsabitches DO HAVE their billions of $$$ to fire a thousand cons to flood this pages with shit and mindless blogging in a click of a button.

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