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Getting Into The Novels


Just wanted to let you know where I am at with the NW novels. I finished A Mighty Fortress yesterday and started The Brigade. A Mighty Fortress, personally was a little slower [than ADT], although it did have its action points, but a very good ending!

For myself, I CAN see all this taking place, and also while I am reading the books, its almost as if I am there in real life. Fascinating. I was ready to head out of Illinois and to Come Home yesterday. As for my husband he was ready to pack everything and move last week. Being his wife, I had to bring him down a notch, so to speak, we do need to get our affairs in order first and foremost, so we are not one of the ones “running” from anything, and we are Coming Home to where we want and need to be. It will happen in due time!


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  1. phil white
    Apr 07, 2010

    Due time is right. People shouldn’t drop a paying job, have to sell a house and leave extended familyand friends so as to move hundreds of miles. Particularly when they have no job lined up in the Home Land.
    As I’m divorced, retired and still ambulatory it’s a different matter for me.
    What I recommend, especially in the shaky job structer is to hang onto the job you have where you have it.
    If you loose your job, are a young person just getting out of school or are planning on starting school, then do a school or job search limited to the Pacific Northwest.
    That’s still a lot of territory.
    If you are hanging onto a job with both hands, then send cash for a student looking to move.

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