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Radio Free Northwest – April 29th, 2010

Discussion of “who is White”, some characters from the Northwest novels, and the new Arizona immigration law. 108 MB, length 47:18

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RFN Episode 13

The “Amish Solution” for Whites, what you can do to help the NF, and the theory of armed struggle. 127 MB, length 55:48

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RFN Episode 12

Economy of an independent Northwest Republic and the psychology of the White Mind. 127 MB, length 55:44

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Episode 11 Nailed It

Dear HAC: I need to comment on your synopsis of how a White man is railroaded into a long prison sentence either by inaction or through an innocuous action. You could have been reading from my trial transcript. I was the “deer in the headlights” once upon a time, one of the tens of thousands […]

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RFN #11

Well, that was surprisingly logical. Not trying to throw stones, but I have just about giving up on any WP type movements because of the lack of common sense. And their desire to be put in prison with Bubba. Each RFN cast seems to refine your thinking process rather than portraying  you as a babbling […]

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RFN Episode 11

Michigan militia arrests and the theory of guerrilla warfare in America. MP3, 103 MB, length 56:45

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"The Curse of the Brigade" Part Trois

Hi, guys: Okay, for those of you who are willing to work the celebrity and Hollyweird sites via comment and Twitter and Facebook, you should use the URL This was Calvin’s old blog. I tacked on the Glossary from the novels, which readers will see right below the Brigade letter from Ed Peacock, with […]

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Yet More On #9

I, yet again, find myself in your debt, HAC.  Thank you so much for introducing me to Saga.  I had literally never heard of her until you played Tomorrow Belongs To Me on Fireside Chat #9.  I come out of the Southern White Nationalist milieu and have had very little exposure to WN music, per […]

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Getting Into The Novels

Hello, Just wanted to let you know where I am at with the NW novels. I finished A Mighty Fortress yesterday and started The Brigade. A Mighty Fortress, personally was a little slower [than ADT], although it did have its action points, but a very good ending! For myself, I CAN see all this taking […]

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This Is Just Creepy

I received the following blogspam today: Website : Cock ball torture gallery. (IP: , URL    : Trackback excerpt: <strong>Nipple torture….</strong> Cock and ball torture. Medieval torture devices…. I assume some Jew or Goat Dancer put me on some kind of S & M list but still–this is just creepy. Obviously there must […]

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