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FATPO Is On The Way

For those Northwest novel aficionados among you, it looks like HAC’s gift of prophecy seems to have struck again. Sometimes I get tired of being proven right. Looks like FATPO may be on the way. Now, if we could only make some progress about getting the NVA on the way….

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I’m taking a law class at school right now, and for the past couple days we’ve looked at Amsterdam, with the indecent society there of prostitution and drugs, the Old South (they didn’t put it that way) with the forced segregation on our historic White brothers and sisters with this bullshit desegregation policy, and today […]

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Portland Craigslist

Whoever is advertising on Craigslist, good work. Our Portland unit is getting a lot of responses. -HAC

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NO Coming

Northwest Observer #91 is at the printer. Will hopefully be in the mail to most of you tomorrow. -HAC

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