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Northwest Videos

The following videos by Colonel House, which were removed from YouTube due to Judaic complaints, are now available at This is by way of encouraging you guys to join northwestfront.ning and -HAC

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Northwest Revolution

Hi, guys:          It has been suggested (politely) to me that my Northwest Revolution news commentaries are basically boring rite-wing drivel and I need to concentrate on A) More radical stuff and B) what the NF itself is doing rather than engaging in news commentary.          Okay, I can see this comrade’s point. One of […]

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Letter from Corvallis

As far as I can recall I sent it to No matter, a channel of communication is opened, which is all that I was concerned about.  I gather the interviewer from Occidental Quarterly got in some hot water for publishing the interview with you.  I truly believe that the conservatives in this movement of ours are at least […]

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Letter To Pam Bailey

Pamela Bailey #14705513 24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road Wilsonville, OR. 97070  Dear Pam:           Thanks for your recent letter. It’s always good to know you’re still alive and you haven’t been thrown into the hole for politically incorrect exercising.           Your latest mail rejection occurred last week when I attempted to send you a manuscript […]

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Letter from Salt Lake City

HAC, Just a personal update, so you know I haven’t dropped off the map… I’m back in school at the moment, pursuing a CS associate’s degree since there aren’t any jobs to be had, and since my biology degree is sadly not getting me anywhere. I’ve still got my fingers crossed on the Microsoft program […]

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Letter from Boston

I feel like the domesticated goose that runs down the runway, flapping his wings, cackling and just when all the wild geese take flight…… I go silent and waddle back to my feeder. I have a family of 4 and I can’t muster the courage to leave my secure job (fire captain in Boston), and […]

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Blogspam Barrage

Guys, for some reason this site is now getting blogspammed all to hell. I have gotten over 200 of the damned things in the past 24 hours. Some of them try to disguise themselves as real comments by saying things like “Great blog!” or “I disagree” or something of the kind, and it’s only when […]

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Letter From Detroit

[I informed this comrade in Detroit that his mail was being returned marked “Undeliverable, unable to forward. – HAC] Yeah, this has been going on since December.  My house  (which I’ve lived in my entire life) is in foreclosure and will be seized by Wayne County at the end of March. Basically, one of my […]

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School Newspaper

Hey HAC, Just wanted to share my feelings quickly. Today, in this very period, a bisexual liberal hippie environmentalist with less experience was voted in as Chief Editor over myself, I having extensively superior experience and skill in the matter.  I see House’s point with keeping my evil Nazi ways out of the limelight with […]

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Episode 3

Northwest weather, Obama’s so-called popularity, and the moral duty of White people to Come Home.Episod

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