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Hi, guys:

           For all those of you who are still hanging out on Stormfront and VNN, (where among other things, this week they’re discussing the burning issue of Jewish actress Amanda Bynes’ negroid sexual tastes) the Party does have a proper internet forum where you can talk about political and racial issues in a Northwest context. Go to


           and get registered.

           On a personal note, I am really saddened to see Jason put so much work into something like this, then people play with it for a couple of months, get bored with it, and wander off in search of new entertainment. That’s par for the course with a Yahoo group, I suppose, but this is a forum specially built for us by a young White comrade as a labor of love. This is a habit we need to get out of, people. Revolution is a lifetime vocation, and it requires the ability to sustain interest and effort longer than 15 minutes.

           True, there are more members on Stormfront and VNN, most of whom casually check in out of idle curiosity every few months if that, and never post at all. The graphics at Stormfront and VNN are somewhat better, true. Maybe if Northwestrepublic.com catches on in the future Jason can convert it from phbb (?) to VBulletin.

           But it took years for those boards to build up to what they are now, and frankly, I am not at all sure they were worth the effort. 80% of the alleged members merely lurk and never make a single post. Although their membership numbers are large on cyber-paper, how many of them joined years ago out of brief idle curiosity, read a few threads here and there for a few months, and then forgot about the whole thing as they moved on to other hobbies?

          We have a chance to start from scratch here and do this right, which is what I want the NF to develop a reputation for doing. We have a chance to create a real forum for real people to carry out real discussions about things that really matter, not earth-shaking stuff like Amanda Bynes screwing a nigger.

         I myself will start visiting the forum more often and making serious posts that will become part of my collected writings when I cack. How’s that for entertainment value?



  1. brian boru
    Feb 28, 2010

    What would you consider useful ‘doing’? The Northwest Republic is just a dream now. What, other than encouraging white people from the US and other places to migrate to the region, should people there, or like me, half way around the world, actually do help break the inertia? If I was very wealthy (I’m not) and could send you millions do you think that would lead to the breakthrough? I don’t think money is the main problem. All the money in the world would be useless without the desire to create an independent white state among a significant percentage of white people. If ZOG ‘disappeared’ you in the morning do you think your idea would continue? Whatever, one thing is certain, the situation for whites everywhere is going to continue to deteriorate. For many of them it will become desperate and then they will be more susceptible to the concept of fighting for a cause which might give them something better than what the jew offers. The puzzle, which your novels never answered, of what will finally cause the white man to pick up his gun and fight still remains. I think that most whites think that a violent revolution against the system wouldn’t succeed and so don’t want to risk their petty lives and possessions by doing something that will bring ZOG down on them. Guys like Bob Matthews are very rare. You suggest that there aren’t enough potential revolutionaries in the Northwest anyway to even get a revolt off the ground. That like-minded people have to start moving there in great numbers first. How long will that take though? There are probably more muds moving in than whites. No doubt some ZOGlings in Obongoland are considering ways to speed up the racial pollution of the Northwest, especially if they have taken your idea seriously. Any comment?

  2. Hammerheart
    Jun 01, 2016

    “Northwest Republic” is the generic term I am very careful to always use (except with the hardcore initiates). It is terribly important the term “Northwest Republic” be out there & something we can use.

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