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Fireside Chat #12


I have to say this is a really inspirational speech. I felt exactly the same way as this guy in 1997 as I sat in my cell during that trial waiting for the jury to come back with guilty.

If they had, I would have got ten years. As I sat in that cell the night before the verdict I drew up a list of all the scum I would kill, starting with that cunt of a judge, the little whore who gave me all that grief, and the bent copper who had put me there.

If I had been sent down I would have gone after them and slit their worthless throats the day I came out of gaol.

Leaving aside racial aspects, I wrote something a good few years ago called The Wizard of Oz Syndrome in which I explained the root cause of the problem and what must be done to fix it. In Britain I traced it to a court case from 1862 concerning vicarious liability. In practice it entails going after the actual individuals who cause us such grief.

Check it out sometime.

As I said, that was a really inspirational speech. Keep them coming, racial philosophy aside, you are a true Libertarian!

-A. B.

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