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I am not sure what is going on here as I just contacted you for the first time the other day after finding your web site by accident. You sent me out a Party packet which I have not had a chance to look at. (I will)  

 If I were you, I wouldn’t bother wondering what people want and don’t want. You are the one putting the time and effort into putting this together and you need to have a vision and stick to it.

 Also, I would like to add my two cents regarding something I received the other day from you, regarding the character of the white race. Benny Klassen gave up. James von Brunn gave up and decided to act for himself. I believe that the character of the white race is not the issue, due to the fact that the people who have brought about the conditions that motivate you to create this movement, have used a scientific psycho/political Soviet mind control that demoralizes a people, thus destabilizing the nation.

Then, they create a crisis (we are in that now) and then, after that  crisis has brought about the demand by us for change, (Hegelian dialectical solution) then follows  the period of normalization when we accept being socialized. Once people are demoralized it does not matter what you tell them or what info you have them read, it will not bring about a moralization or a reconstitution of that man or woman. You are, scratch that, we are up against it. From what I have read from you so far seems to be very accurate and well thought through. I like the way that you inject some humor into it. As long as you are willing to write, I am very happy  and appreciative to read your stuff. Please don’t be depressed when you realize Americans are totally demoralized and perhaps can’t respond or care enough.

 -K. C.


  1. Colonel House
    Feb 16, 2010

    This guy found the website by accident. By accident! Apparently this is the first time he has questioned the status quo and searched for solutions. With most of the sheeple receiving their world view from Fox News and John Stuart Leibowitz’ “Daily Show”, it’s a miracle that one of them broke loose long enough to think a non-Kosher thought. To bring up NF websites more often in search engines, I suggest naming all graphics, videos, or comments that you post on the web with some variant of Northwest Front i.e., northwestfrontorgpicture.jpg, northwestfrontorgvideo.avi, northwestfrontorgtext.doc, etc. Search engines look at source code before the visible results that you see on a webpage, so this does work.

  2. Galloglass
    Feb 16, 2010

    What he said! Doubled & redoubled in spades!

    Hang in, Harold!

  3. Brian
    Feb 18, 2010

    I think Colonel House is being a little hard on a potential new recruit. It’s good that people do find the site by any means, accidental or not.

    All my life I’ve known things aren’t right, but it was only last year that I realised there were people trying to do something about it. I’d never heard of White separatism, just the usual anti-“White Supremacist” propaganda and all that crap about “White guilt”.

    Here in the UK we’ve got the BNP, a ZOG-controlled front organisation that pretended to represent White people until recently when it opened it’s membership up to coons and kikes. I don’t believe it was ever what it pretended to be, but the press obediently demonise it as if it’s the real thing, driving disgruntled Whites into a dead end.

    I’m old and crippled, so won’t be able to Come Home, but I do my best to spread the word as widely as I can.

  4. The Old Man
    Feb 19, 2010

    This came in from Alaska Mike on the main e-mail address:

    I think it is like the commenter to your Homeland blog said, they think it’s hopeless.

    But we have the example of Iraq and Afghanistan, I doubt that there are more than 20,000 Taliban and Iraqi resistance troops combined, yet they are keeping 10 times that many inperial troopers either holed up in their firebases in Iraq or chasing their tails all over the mountains of Afghanistan. Perhaps concentrate on this fact, zog is NOT all-powerful!

    Because as long as they think it’s hopeless, they will not come….


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