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Greetings from U.K.

Hello Mr. Covington,

I’d just like to add my voice to that of others expressing disgust at the way ZOG is arresting those who demonstrated in remembrance of Dresden, a real Holocaust, with victims literally cremated alive, unlike the false one we keep hearing about.

Presumably you’ve read The Gulag Archipelago and are aware of the parallels between Communist Russia and what’s happening in Germany (I’m part-way through book one at present, but what I’ve learned so far is bad enough).

The Greeks aren’t having much fun either, apparently.  I wonder how long it will be before we White people start getting hacked to pieces (and worse) in Christian churches by these devils in (nearly) human form. The balloon must go up soon.

The thing about that balloon is that nobody wants to “jump the gun” and be picked off as a criminal “lone nut.”  As in the fictional events of 10/22, we need to know it’s time, that the war really has started and our people are fighting back en-masse. An army can’t win if each member acts alone, and that’s the problem as I see it. Somehow we need a trigger event, something to tell everyone the time is now and that we won’t be fighting alone, and that’s how ZOG keeps us from doing anything.

We need an announcement on worldwide TalmudVision, but I don’t think ZOG will be arranging that, and even when it does start, they’re likely to suppress the story for as long as they can because they know the world is waiting for that signal.

While writing, I’d also like to say that I welcome all your e-mails (you asked recently), whatever their relevance to my situation in being unable to Come Home due to my location in the belly of the Rothschild beast and the fact that I’m physically disabled.

You’re doing good work and reaching ever-increasing numbers of people, so don’t let our apparent inaction get to you. We WILL rise up, but not until ZOG pushes us to the absolute limit. Unfortunately that’s just the way people are.

All the best,

Brian Reeves


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