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A Strange Fan Letter

A couple of days ago, I received the following fan letter:

Dear Mr. Covington:

I’ve read a great deal of your stuff, and I am definitely a fan. I have read all four books in your Northwest series as well as Rose of Honor and Vindictus. I was able to find them all linked from your Wikipedia article. I was wondering, have you written anything else? I have been looking around and haven’t been able to find anything.

Also if you have written anything else is it availible in a format I can read on a computer such as a PDF file? The reason I ask is I am fairly young. I grew up in the age of the internet and reading a hard copy of a book is not natural or pleasurable for me. I prefer to scroll down a screen as I read. I know this sounds like I am asking to read your books for free (and honestly I have already read a great deal of yours without paying) but I don’t really have a way to purchase them and I was hoping you might be willing to indulge a young person who honestly enjoys your writing.

William Kephart

Okay, I sent him some information on where he can get more info on my books. I also sent him the standard e-mail “The NF Contact Process” and I asked him for a mailing address so I could send him an introductory packet of Party liteature. Then I get this:

Dear Mr. Covington:

Thank you for your invitation, but I am no National Socialist or even a White Nationalist. I am merely a fan of you as a writer. This may sound insane to you, but it is only honest to reveal to you that I am a Jew. This has had no impact on my ability to enjoy your writing, including the Northwest novels. I like your historical fiction better, but I have to admit the Northwest series was one hell of an interesting read. You might also be interested to know that I don’t begrudge you your views. In my opinion Zionism is merely National Socialism for Jews. It is hypocritical for me to laud one and condemn the other. I don’t expect you to think well of me or my kind, but I could not resist telling you that I have a high opinion of your novels regardless.

Thanks again.
William Kephart


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