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They're Heee-eere….

[Okay, guys, looks like our friends in the silk suits are cruising around the Northwest again.]


Got a visit from the FBI yesterday. They wanted to ask some questions. These people are not anyone’s friends and they’re not as stupid as they look. Highly intelligent,over trained people are looking for something. Asked about Dan Jones, talked about Antifa and about myself. It could be just net casting and seeing what they can get.

I said I’m not going to talk about Dan and I have nothing to say. [You should not have spoken to them at all. You should give them only The Five Words: “I have nothing to say.”] I don’t know what these guys are up to, but I know they’re not looking out for me. Tom Metzger said one time it’s better they’re watching you because at least they know what and where you are. Therefore they know your not involed with anything criminal. [It doesn’t make any difference any more whether you are actually doing anything criminal anymore. Ask Bill White.] There’s good folks in our struggle and too many scumbags. People that have no fruit! (sic) Antifa is just one part of the enemy. There’s a bigger picture. The Jew will do away with them after there use is up.

I’ve taken myself out of our so called Movement. I’m no longer active. It seems no one can hear our message and all we do is make noise.Have we planted seeds? I’ll give it that, maybe. As it stands I’ve taken the red pill and I can never really be asleep again. My family comes first, God before that and then the outer family our race that is our nation.My last words are, we need God and he will take care of the rest.

-Dylan Marchand

If the Organs show up on your door, the first question you ask, politely and in a non-threatening manner is, “Do you have a warrant?” If they say no, simply close the door in their face without further comment and wait for them to leave. Do not shout, swagger, threaten, argue, scold, chat, shake your finger, bluster, cite the Constiution, or try to show what a big bad rite-winger and clever dick you are. Do not say anything at all to them. The object must be to keep your amount of contact with them to an absolute minimum. If you so much as give them the time of day, that tells them something they want to know.

Under no circumstances whatsoever are these people your friends, or even neutral. They have come to your home in order to do you harm, and for no other reason. Forget that fact, and many years from now you will die in prison, lying on on a concrete floor dressed in ragged orange coveralls, either from brutalization by guards or nigger inmates, or through untended illness. The a huge number of people in prison today, possibly the majority, put themselves there because they talked to the police or to the Organs,

Never voluntarily go anywhere with them. Especially not to their lair in the federal building or the local cop shop “just to clear a few things up.” Make them get an arrest warrant, and when they arrest you give them only the Five Words, “I have nothing to say.” Ask for a lawyer, and when your lawyer comes you still tell them only “I have nothing to say.” Also, bear in mind the common American law enforcement practice of electronic eavesdropping on prisoner conferences with attorneys.

“I have nothing to say.” Memorize those words as if your life depended on it. Because it probably does.



  1. John Norman Howard
    Jan 16, 2010

    The trouble with “my family comes first” is that it won’t save us as a people, and therefore, it won’t save them in the end… it merely provides an excuse to not do anything against the current and ever-degrading situation for our Folk.

    God comes first… then the Folk… THEN your family.

    Anything else leads to the funeral of the entire White race.

  2. werwolf
    Jan 21, 2010

    With the situation we are in today the folk are the main priority, second the family and the Gods can take care of themselves. I hardly think the Gods will thank us if we let the race be destroyed because we are to busy thinking of our personal spiritual wellbeing.


  3. John Norman Howard
    Jan 23, 2010

    If God is with us, who can stand against us? You’re making a big mistake if you think we don’t need God. Ever since Adam, Mankind has believed Satan’s Great Lie that we could stand on our own without God… and look what the world has come to.

    As far as your “Hate Is My Prayer, Revenge Is My Battlecry” motto, well… like Ed Norton said in AHX: “Life’s too short to go around pissed off all the time.”

  4. Chris
    Jan 24, 2010

    And only a fool or a blind man would go around happy all the time.


    Well said. God isn’t listening, so we’re on our own.

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