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The March Up Country

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 23:59:50 -0500

Subject: The March Up Country

From: xxxxxxx@gmail.com

To: harold_covington@hotmail.com


I downloaded a .pdf version of the The March Up Country about 5 hours ago. I just finished reading it. Let’s regard the obligatory exclamations of admiration as read. I would like to bounce a few questions and comments off you, if’n you don’t mind.

First off, the generation gap inherent to reading this book is astounding. TMUC was published in 1987 when I was 3 fudging years old, yet it is still 100% relevant in its description of the struggle. The only thing I found particularly dated was the chapter on the AIDS epidemic. Have you updated the book in recent years? It is amazingly contemporary. I was just out of diapers when you wrote this book, yet the problems we Whites face are the same according to what I’ve read since you and I have been in contact.

You said that (paraphrasing here) as time goes on ‘we’ get better and ZOG gets worse. The tactics employed by ZOG that you detailed in the book have only gotten more odious in the two decades since. Hate crimes legislation, anti-terror legislation, and the like. How much worse is it now as opposed to then?

I like how you often cite Orwell and his masterpiece 1984. I have read that book (and Brave New World) cover to cover dozens of times over. What unnerves me the most in my involvement with NF is that Winston Smith was destroyed because he set himself against the party with full knowlegde of what thoughtcrime entails. More specifically Winston went down because he sought out the Brotherhood. Which I have done. I suppose I’ll have ample time for lamentation when I’m getting bootfucked by steel-toes in the bowels of the Ministry of Love, eh Sir?

The living ‘Twilight Zone’ of the WN you spoke of touched a chord with me. While I absolutely cannot claim to have experienced first hand anything of the sort, I went through a sort of Nazi Munchausen syndrome when I read A Distant Thunder followed by The Brigade in less than a week. It got right inside my head. Whether I was driving to work or around town with the girlfriend I found myself constantly checking mirrors to see if we were being followed. I became on edge around military and local police. I would tactically dissect every situation I was in, just in case I had to shoot my way out. The phase has since passed, but consider it a great compliment to your skill as a writer.

 Your disclaimers are definitely warranted, TMUC is inner circle material. It is not for the faint of heart. Phases 2 and 3 definitely expect the breaking of eggs in pursuit of the state power omelette. I do not fancy myself a lofty SS-Oberfuhrer, but a humble Schuzte in service of the cause. I am still here.

All seriousness aside, your quips about “Eichmann and Sons Quality Lampshades” and “excuse-the-crayon…” made me genuinely laugh out loud. A little levity is always appreciated.

At the risk of sounding impertinent, I would appreciate a response somewhat more verbiose than I am accustomed to, Sir. I aknowledge that I am just an Outlander, and one who has nothing but internet contact with NF thus far. I also know you deal with alot of online offal. However, I know my talent, drive, and intellect are something that you recognize. Your adding me to your monthly private status list is a case in point.

Attached is a picture of myself on exercise in El Paso, Texas approximately two years ago. I know you like to be able to match faces to email addresses.

With respect,

The Last Maverick


[I sent him an e-mail saying simply: “Is this verbose enough for you?”]

Sorry about that. Couldn’t resist.

Due to the huge size of this continent and the distances involved, I have spent the bulk of my career doing, in one form or another, the same thing–sitting down and tapping out long, long, long letters to people in an effort to get some kind of physical response other than more long, long, long letters. The amount of sheer wordage that the Movement has generated over the past thirty years boggles the mind.

I wouldn’t talk about the cellars of the Ministry of Love in too cavalier a fashion, if I were you. Did you actually read that letter from Bill White I posted to the Thoughtcrime blog? It is happening today, and it can especially happen in Canada with your Orwellian hate laws.

The March Up Country is dated not just because it was written in 1987 but because it is pre-Northwest Migration. It shares a characteristic common to almost all Movement writing, including my own, prior to about the year 2000–there is much analysis of and lamentation over the Problem, but virtually nothing by way of solution.

Also, TMUC is a bit dishonest. At the time I was writing it I knew in my heart what the only solution was, as do so many today, but like so many today I was afraid to say it out loud. Bear in mind that I was in my early 30s then, and I still had too much life left to lose.

There is this myth that it is the young who are reckless and willing to go out and charge the machine guns for some idealistic cause, etc. because they think they’re invulnerable and invincible. Maybe in past generations, but not today.

These days It is the young who are so completely narcissistic and self-absorbed that they can’t bear to give up any of life’s materialistic pleasures for any cause higher than themselves, while it is us old farts who finally find within ourselves the courage to place more and more on the line–basically, the older we get, the less of life this evil system can deprive us of. Plus we are frankly terrified of growing old in this hellish place.

Interesting reversal of 3000 years of human psychology, eh?










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