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NF Montana Report

On December 21st, members of the Kalispell, Montana PSA met at the home of April Gaede and Mark Neufeldt for celebration of the darkest night of the year. Though this night was celebrated by our ancient ancestors it is based on the scientific fact that at this time the northern hemisphere is farthest from the sun¬†during it’s rotation.

The menu consisted of ham, creamy mashed potatoes with a sunwheel decoration made out of asparagus stalks, steamed and buttered asparagus, steamed carrots, a sauted combination of onions, mushrooms and peppers, cole slaw and rolls. The desert served were April’s famous lemon meringue pies made from scratch embossed with swastika or triskle in the meringue.

After dinner we watched a TV documentary about the Volksfront group as well as the documentary A Discussion of Race. And finally we toasted the new solar year and our race with sparkling cider in a silver mead horn.

We had alot of good conversation, lots of laughs and fantastic comradery.

We also planned for more events in the future.



  1. Nick
    Dec 23, 2009




  2. Terry Phillips
    Dec 24, 2009

    For our solstice celebration we had a huge bonfire we lit at midnight. Twelve of us stood in a circle around the fire as it burned. When it burned down a bit my wife served angel food caked with homemade huckleberry sauce. Some had wine, others a mellow Scotch, still others had Canadian blended whiskey, and the rest had coffee. As the bonfire was turning into a huge heap of glowing coals we took turns telling stories. I actually read to them, by flashlight the section of ‘A Mighty Fortress’ wherein Cathy Frost raised the tricolor at Longview. I had prepped the group for that reading by reading the few paragraphs from ‘The Hill Of The Ravens’ where Brittany McCanless described Cathy’s torture and how the hymn A Mighty Fortress Is Our God became so relevant to the story. There was not a dry eye.

    Next year in the Northwest!


  3. EuroNationalist
    Dec 31, 2009

    Sounds great. I too recently saw the Volksfront documentary. I believe it was part of the “Gangland” series on the History Channel. Very good. I wonder why we don’t hear more about these guys.

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