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He Actually READ The Constitution

Yes I did receive the introductory packet. Quite a lot of information there, as well as a well thought out plan (even though it is labeled as a “rough draft”) for the NAR Constitution.

It is upbuilding to see that it begins with a mention of a Divinity as this will be reassuring to many along with “the fourteen words”, so that two important issues in the minds of many people  (the Source of moral authority and the future of Our People) are therefore addressed in the preamble. The annual financial disclosure statement for all ministers of state seems like an excellent provision and like-minded inclusions to the final document will no doubt prove to be helpful in preventing the corruption of offices of state such as we have within the US goverment today.

Perhaps (admittedly this is grasping far into the future)  wording to prevent former government employees of any stripe from working as “consultants” in the interest of foreign companies, corporations or foreign governments (i.e.: to help those entities to circumvent NWR state law or in any way to the detriment of domestic businesses, such as evading trade laws) might be a prescient move?

It is just a thought.


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