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The NF Contact Process

[Periodically re-posted for new people on the list.]

Hi, guys:

    Just a reminder to those of you who have not yet had this explained to you, regarding how to get in touch with the Northwest Front if you should indeed experience an outbreak of testicular follication:

    *E-mail me privately (not on the Northwest Freedom group) at nwnet@earthlink.net or harold_covington@hotmail.com

    *Give me a name and a mailing address where the post office will deliver your mail.

    *I will send you an introductory packet of literature.

    *Please, people, none of this chickenshit crap about trying to get away with just giving me a first name, or calling yourself “Adolf Eichmann,” or some such childish silliness like that. It doesn’t work, and it just annoys people who want to help. The FBI or DHS can locate you and come to your door any time they want. You’re just hiding from your friends, and not from the enemy.

    Anyway, if you don’t trust us, then we don’t trust you. If you’re really that frightened and timid, to the point where you try to hide from the people who are trying to make things better, then let’s face it, you’re not going to be of much practical use anyway, are you? We can’t make a revolution with people who are afraid of the mailman.

    You will receive your introductory packet in the mail, and we take it from there.



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