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Jeff Hughes Remembered

I’m still here… but have been busy with a few projects.  I apologize for not making my presence known more regularly. In case you haven’t checked, I just sent you some dues.

I’d like to say that what was done to Jeff is sickening.  I met Jeff in Vancouver in September 2008, while on a road trip.  He seemed like a very solid character to me, very easy to get along with.  As much as I can tell from a first impression, he was NOT a drug user, nor was he prone to violence.  We met at a bar, but he didn’t even order a beer.  He told me several stories of engaging political opponents on a verbal level, but he seemed to understand well that random violence serves no purpose.  He seemed a peaceful, if frustrated, character.  It’s ridiculous to suppose that his conduct with the Mounties was sufficiently “intimidating” to warrant the response that he got.

This is the first time in my life that I have personally known someone who was shot to death.  It’s eerie to think that I still have his phone number, and was thinking of calling him not long before this “incident” took place.  I regret very much not being able to speak with him again…

In memory of Jeff, I have started stickering significantly more than before, and I am quickly running out of supplies.  Do you know who has supplies of these stickers?  I’m particularly interested in the “Diversity is our strength?…” stickers.

-C. T.

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  1. The Old Man
    Nov 07, 2009

    I found an e-mail from him today that wandered into another folder somehow. Yeah, eerie is the word.

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