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I Have A Fan

The following is from a thread that can be found at http://www.originaldissent.com/forums/showthread.php?p=80041&posted=1#post80041

Everyone on this board is a hobbyist. There are some outstanding discussions of social issues, history, politics, social dynamics and religion here. Some of the posters are excellent writers. I’m not one of them. Since we are all middle class types, concerned with middle class proprieties, it is easy for us to ‘tut tut’. However, Covington is the real thing, an actual revolutionary. Look at his experiences and you see what it’s like to be a revolutionary whose time has NOT come. He’s a few years younger than I am and he’s been doing this stuff since he was eighteen.

Think about all of those years of marginal living, bad food, health problems, uncertain income, run ins with the police. Think about the dead ends the fellow has endured, and the frustration. (At this point, the typical middle class conservative will start huffing: ‘Serves him right for not being responsible and getting a REAL job.’) Like most of us, his political thinking evolved. He ‘wore the shirt’ (was a Hollywood Nazi) for years. The man is a fine writer, although he needs a professional editor. However, given his political views and reputation, there is no chance of his being published or promoted in the world of commercial literature. His last four books are treatises on revolutionary structure and revolutionary/social dynamics in the form of novels. Shoehorning that stuff into the novel form must have been tough, but he did it. I’m not widely read in literature, but the only other writer I’m aware of who was able to do something similar is Tolstoy. His political stuff is free on the Internet, and it is amazingly widely read. It’s pretty obvious that Quentin Tarantino has read his stuff, and has even lifted some of it for his movies.

Knowing these things, I’m willing to give the fellow the courtesy of a close examination of his ideas.


Would anyone care to speculate on how long it takes before this person is accused of being me by the Goat Dancing GUBU crew?

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