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Attracting Youth


   Great interview last night.

   Niki Raapana is an intermittent columnist over at newswithviews.com, which is as kosher-conservative as they come. I’ve been patronizing that website for several years now, and I’ve always noticed how their people will never name “them”. Also they’ve fallen into the trap of merely discussing how bad things are, never offering solutions outside of ‘call your Congressman’. I am certain that there are people who use that site who think the same thing as I do, and have finally found their way to NF.org after your interview.

   You’ve been saying that the greatest problem the movement has is the recruitment of young people. I read (online) the ‘All The Way’ monthly newsletter published by Richard Barett’s Nationalists out of Mississippi. This month’s issue had an ‘article’ on how the organization made major inroads with local youth at the ‘Ole Miss’ Unversity. I won’t go into detail, but the Nationalists gave their moral support and physical prescene during recent controversy over students chanting “the south shall rise again” during sports games.

   I have no idea what you think of Richard Barrett and his organization. Yes they harbour the illusion that the U.S. can be saved, but opinions can change. To an outsider like me Barrett’s Nationalists seem very disciplined and media-savvy.

   The moral of this story? We need to find an issue of public note that students in the Homeland care deeply about, and where it seems the white youth is assailed on all sides by the forces of PCness. Offer moral support, and a physical presence. A student rally should not have garbage throwing counter-protestors. This could be a two-for-one that not only gains a number of youth supporters, but mass media coverage.

   Food for thought.


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