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A Miracle Is Happening

Hi, guys:
        I don’t know how to tell you this, but somehow, we seem to have done something right. I don’t know who or what, but it’s happening right now.
       Thoughtcrime blog has been holding steady at about 500 unique hits per day, actually a disappointing drop from about 700 last week.
            Then it happened. Whatever it was, it happened yesterday.
            Yesterday we received a total of 1,900 unique hits, and as of 3:55 today we have received approximate 7,200 hits. A lot of it seems to be hostile, true, since I was tipped to this when I checked the comments and found it overflowing with posts, some pro, but many from liberal idiots. Somehow or other, a “buzz” seems to have been created.
            I haven’t even gone over to Northwestfront.org to check to see if there’s any spillover yet. I’m too excited.

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