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The Lenin of the Right

Hello, Harold: I assume you are aware that Alex Linder recently referred to you as the Lenin of the Right? -James M. ****** Yes, but he meant it as an insult. -HAC

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The Surge

Sir, This little phenomenon highlights my earlier suggestion that we use a tabloid strategy for attracting newcomers. As you always say a large portion of the North American population can’t be bothered to read, well, anything. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. In this case the Michelle Obama Monkey picture probably garnered more […]

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I Have A Fan

The following is from a thread that can be found at Everyone on this board is a hobbyist. There are some outstanding discussions of social issues, history, politics, social dynamics and religion here. Some of the posters are excellent writers. I’m not one of them. Since we are all middle class types, concerned with […]

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A Miracle Is Happening

Hi, guys:           I don’t know how to tell you this, but somehow, we seem to have done something right. I don’t know who or what, but it’s happening right now.          Thoughtcrime blog has been holding steady at about 500 unique hits per day, actually a disappointing drop from about 700 last week. […]

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Query on Audio Files

Racial Comrades:               Is there anyone on the main list who has not heard all the Fireside Chats and other audio files?               If so, then I’d like to get everyone caught up and on the same page. Tomorrow or next day, giving you all time to read this e-mail and respond, I am going […]

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Ordering the Northwest Novels

Hi Harold,            If we buy books right from you, does this cut out Amazon, etc, and get more money directly to you?    Thom            I get this question a lot. Let’s go over this again, for those of you who came in late.           In order to publish my book-length work, I […]

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HAC On Radio Free Mississippi

Hi, guys:           Today I appeared on Jim Giles’ show on Radio Free Mississippi. You can listen to the show or download it from       There were some technical glitches, or maybe I had my speakers turned up too loud or whatever, and I had difficulty hearing Jim sometimes, so if it […]

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Jeff Hughes Update

Hi, guys: A brief update on the Jeff Hughes situation. I can’t cite my sources here without exposing them to possible targeting by the Canadian media and retaliation by the Canadian government, but take my word for it, this is pretty solid. The official “investigation” is going pretty much as expected. The female RCMP officer […]

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The NF Contact Process

[Periodically re-posted for new people on the list.] Hi, guys:     Just a reminder to those of you who have not yet had this explained to you, regarding how to get in touch with the Northwest Front if you should indeed experience an outbreak of testicular follication:     *E-mail me privately (not on the Northwest […]

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Attracting Youth

Sir,    Great interview last night.    Niki Raapana is an intermittent columnist over at, which is as kosher-conservative as they come. I’ve been patronizing that website for several years now, and I’ve always noticed how their people will never name “them”. Also they’ve fallen into the trap of merely discussing how bad things are, […]

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