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Euro Club

    I’m going to take a chance here. My son is in an Oregon high school. He and his friends have brought up the idea of establishing a Euro Club. We’ve sat in on Latino club. Nice folks. Good food. My Spanish is muy feo.
    My son was told last year a young man tried to start the Euro club and was shot down. The panel were concerned that it would end up being a supremacist group. I chuckled. We live in Salem, Oregon. I am surrounded by Hispanics. How could you possibly be supreme here? 
    Anyhow, the question comes up. What does one do in Euro Club? Eat euro food? Watch euro films? My neighbor came up with the idea of geneology inquiries. Exchange notes if you will.  In fact, why not bring people in to share stories of customs of family tradition?  We really are at a loss here. I have family from England, Germany, possibly Russia. My wife’s side is rumored to come from Austria.  There’s rumor of a diary describing family fleeing from the Bolsheviks. We have also recently been told there’s an account of lineage to the Romans. 
    I wrote an e-mail to the Salem-Keizer school superintendant, requesting advice but have yet to receive any feedback.
    I suppose I’m looking for advice from someone who’s done this before. Any suggestions?
-Salem, Oregon
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