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Vids On Their Way Back

Both our video webmeisters have checked back in, and they tell me all the Northwest Migration and NorthQuest Pro stuff will be back on line in a few days. They’re setting up a system which should keep interference to a minimum and provide continuity, which I will describe at the appropriate time.

Apparently this is one of Morris Dees’ idiots doing this, lodging complaints with You Tube, and so we’ll probably have to go round and round setting up a new account every few days until Mr. Potok or whoever it is tires of his fun. (Yawn.)

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  1. John Norman Howard
    Sep 28, 2009

    Things will look much better for the good guys and their cause when those who dare mess around with the message (in effect, the property) suffer, at the very least, a severe hangnail.

    Currently, the bad guys operate with impunity and hold the good guys in low esteem… and rightfully so.

    /Hey, Rocco… Moose… help the judge find his wallet.

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