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They're Here Permanently

The latest security blanket that Whites are holding onto is this idea that however bad Obongo gets, in four years “we” will be able to vote him out.

No, we won’t. Remember how the creature got into office to begin with, and I am not talking about the ACORN fraud and election intimidation or the mysterious half billion dollars that magically appeared in his bank accounts off the internet.

The problem is now our antiquated electoral college system. All a presidential candidate needs (besides millions of dollars) is about seven states–New York, Florida, Illinois, Texas, California, and a couple of the Rust Belters like Pennsylvania and Ohio (where the major fraud was concentrated in 2008) and since those states contain all the minority-heavy cities, their massive electoral votes will push the Democratic candidate over the top. Always. With a little help from ACORN, of course.

Even though we are still technically the majority in this country, Whites are now permanently outvoted.

The Democrats have finally achieved the ultimate goal of the two-party system: ending the eight-year changeovers and ensuring that one party becomes the permanent party of government and the other (the Republicans) become the permanent opposition party.

Obongo is forever, people. Deal with it.