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Preparing for the Balloon

Although we did use the existing political system as far as we could by adapting it to our own purposes, our entire goal in life was to prepare for the day when the revolution would start, and we never forgot that fact.

Power comes out of the barrel of a gun, all law is based on armed force, and when one wants to remove the people who hold power and change the system that makes and enforces law, the only way is through force of arms, because nobody surrenders power except at the point of a sword. The Party understood this and as a result, we were actually half-assed prepared when the balloon finally did go up. We had at least some kind of basic organization, we had built a base in the community as shaky as it was, and we had a rudimentary revolutionary structure set up of people with weapons, safe houses, transport and money.

A Distant Thunder

page 117


  1. DavidS
    Sep 01, 2009


    Good quote.

    Are you The Old Man “firing messages into cyberspace”?

    What about Europeans from beyond the borders of Amurica? Is there a way to help us get into the NW Homeland now?

  2. DavidS
    Sep 01, 2009


    Just to add I am from South Africa…

    A land you have some affinity to.

    ps. Just came across your books on the internet

    The Northwest series is fantastic.

    Is there anywhere one can get a difinitive list of all your Northwest books?

    I have read four in two weeks so far.

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