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Better Link To Radio Show

A better link to the Prothink radio interview with my ineffable self:

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Birth of a Nation

Review of the Northwest independence novels. Joe Bob says check it out:  

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From South Africa

Hi Harold I’m from South Africa and was the one who wrote the messages in your blog about the Northwest Homeland. Coincidentally I am from Germiston originally… Just a few questions as per the blog. Your Northwest books are fantastic. I love your writing style. How many Northwest Homeland books have you written? Where can […]

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Contact Address

In answer to the Comrade from South Africa, and anyone else who’s interested, my contact address is E-mail me there and we can have a natter.

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They're Here Permanently

The latest security blanket that Whites are holding onto is this idea that however bad Obongo gets, in four years “we” will be able to vote him out. No, we won’t. Remember how the creature got into office to begin with, and I am not talking about the ACORN fraud and election intimidation or the […]

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Preparing for the Balloon

Although we did use the existing political system as far as we could by adapting it to our own purposes, our entire goal in life was to prepare for the day when the revolution would start, and we never forgot that fact. Power comes out of the barrel of a gun, all law is based […]

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