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The Masonic Dishrag

Question: we do all know, do we not, that the Masonic dishrag red-white-and-blue Amurrican flag which we see every day over our post offices is not the flag of a country, any country, much less our own? That it is not the flag of a people, any people, much less our own? That it is […]

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Threat Potential

A large number of the locals were always secretly cheering us on. The majority of the residents wouldn’t help us directly, at least until it became clear that we were going to win. But neither would they oppose us, and neither would they help The Beast. The odds were against us, true, but not as […]

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Operation Hopeful Eagle

Apparently the FBI’s latest project to try and imprison White Nationalist dissidents on fabricated “terrorism” charges is called “Operation Hopeful Eagle.” The two most prominent arrests coming out of Operation Hopeful Eagle thus far are internet commentators Bill White and Hal Turner. Ironically, Turner himself has confessed in open court to being an FBI informant […]

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Radio Show

Hey Harold, I think your interview on the Prothink radio show was a great success. You covered many topics during the show and actually may have won over some of the “wets”. If you can just get them to read the books now.  I posted a message on Stormfront in the “Northwest Migration”  thread, pertaining […]

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Change We CAN Believe In

[I found this in the files from last March, and I am ashamed to admit that I seem to have neglected to make a note of who sent it in. I apologize for publishing it anonymously and I invite the author to step forward and identify himself. – HAC] Down through the history of Western […]

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Coming Home

I have read the majority  of the material you sent  covering Northwest Migration, and at the same time I  began to read your book The Brigade.  I am a man of few words these days so I will keep it simple and to the point.   I believe in the vision of a Free Northwest Republic. I believe it will […]

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The Northwest Tricolor

I perodically get asked questions about our Northwest Independence movement’s flag, the Northwest Tricolor. Tricolors had their genesis as national flags in Europe in the nineteenth century, when flags were hand-sewn by women, and when the secret police or king’s soldiers came calling the stitches could be quickly pulled out and all you had were […]

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SOS – Save Our Species

Just like the timber wolf, the White man is an endangered species. We need our own protected habitat–and in the same place.

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Re-Posting and Translating

I periodically get requests for permission to re-post, distribute, and sometimes translate my various decompositions from single articles up to whole books into other languages. For the record, anyone has permission to re-publish, circulate, or translate any of my stuff, on the understanding that it is to be used to further the racial struggle in […]

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Things Must Change

“Things must change,” said Lennart Ekstrom slowly. “Every white man and woman in America knows it, deep down inside of themselves. This isn’t America any more, it’s a Rocky Horror Picture Show that just goes on and on. Somewhere, sometime, it has to stop, at least in some part of the country, and here in […]

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