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Talking Treason

Guys, what do you think about using my article “Let’s Talk A Little Treason” as a kind of preliminary press release to media? That ought to get the attention of any of them who bother to read it. For those of you who still are unfamiliar with it, I did one of my six-monthly pe-posts […]

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"Gotta Get Skype!"

Hi, guys: The latest thing I apparently “gotta get” is Skype, so that we can replace the constant tap tap tap tap tap tap tap on the internet with constant gab gab gab gab yak yak yak yak yadda yadda yadda on the internet. Guys, I have a confession to make. I am very nervous […]

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GUBU Redux

Again it’s happening; I get a series of e-mails from somebody who wants me to telephone him (I must initiate the call) and talk to a total stranger on a phone line about wildly illegal acts. Jesus, the Organs are getting some stupid recruits these days!

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Any Ideas?

Hi, guys. I have a special project I can use your help with. Normally as you know, I am very down on the endless tap tap tap tap tap of the internet, but I have a project we can all help with, and for which the internet for once is perfect. Here is your chance […]

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Dear Me…

[Received this e-mail. I have no idea who or what GEO is.]  Hello, My name is Christopher, and I am the 2009-2010 GEO Diversity Coordinator. We received a sticker placed on our door over the weekend which reads: “Diversity is our strength? How does diversity benefit whites? (We don’t think it does)”. Included at the […]

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The Missing Ingredient

Hi, guys: Just a quick rant: As regards repeated demands that I trot out my crystal ball and tell you all in minute, micro-managed detail “how we are going to do it”–that is to say, to those more serious questioners who are not simply coming up with all kinds of niggling little objections in order […]

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Radio Interview

Hey Harold, I think your interview on the Prothink radio show was a great success. You covered many topics during the show and actually may have won over some of the “wets.” If you can just get them to read the books now.  I posted a message on Stormfront in the “Northwest Migration”  thread, pertaining […]

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Response to TOQ Review

[Shamelessly pinched from the The Occidental Quarterly web site.] Michael O’Meara Posted September 3, 2009 at 3:19 pm | Permalink This is an extraordinary article on an extraordinary subject. I am constantly amazed by the fact that the Quartet has been virtually ignored in our community. Part of this, I imagine, is due to the […]

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What Will Your Year Be?

Racial Comrades: In the years to come, after the Northwest Agency and a fighting revolutionary party of Northwest independence are finally organized and have sufficient resources, those who have Come Home will be issued with a medal. It may be a cross, it may be round, who knows? On the one side it will have […]

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Letter from Louis Beam

Greetings Harold, I just finished reading your newsletter (postal) number 14.  Your “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” are excellent advice to people.  Not just those you work with but to all folk interested in doing something about the current situation in a constructive way. Your advice matches exactly my own thinking after some 40 years of […]

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