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The Return of NorthQuest Pro

Hi, guys:             I am proud to announce the first NorthQuest Pro video since the untimely departure of Calvin two years ago.           Send your comments and responses either to me or to   -HAC

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A Cleansed Northwest

The various non-white minorities who lived in the Northwest under American rule were also more or less driven out of the Homeland during the revolution itself. After all, many of them had fled their own countries to get away from men with guns and they were no more willing to stand and fight here than […]

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April Gaede on Pam Bailey

Hello All         I would like to add that I personally know Pam Bailey and have visted her numerous times, though I did not know her previous to her incarceration. I now consider her one of my bestest friends forever and I wait for the day when she and I can sit across from each […]

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Jeff Hughes on Pam Bailey

Pam is also being hassled because she is Odinist working on obtaining the same rights other groups have, and it seems this was the motivation behind the move.  She had been here before and was *remembered* by the staff, which is never a good thing. We need to put some heat on the administration to […]

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A Sister Needs Our Help

Hi, guys:           On Saturday, September 19th, I received a letter from long-time comrade Pamela Bailey, who is in the Coffee Creek, Oregon women’s prison (yes, Kicky McGee’s old alma mater) on a charge of “intimidating a Federal witness.” She is doing 12 years without chance of remission or parole, unless the law changes. […]

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Edmund Connelly Review

Review on modern secession by Edmund Connelly. Extensive mention of Northwest novels and Northwest imperative.

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NF Stickers In Portland

          First NF sticker raids in Portland courtesy of Comrade Damian Knight and his crew. (See attached image.) He reports:           “This sticker is placed over the sticker of (Antifa): The term antifa derives from Antifaschismus, which is German for anti-fascism. these pukes list an 800 number to turn in racists…..hammerskins,nsm and now…..the northwest […]

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The Lifeboat

There is no shame in taking to the lifeboat when the ship is sinking. America is sinking; a nation that can produce no one better to lead it than a depraved rapist like Bill Clinton, a mentally disturbed alcoholic like George W. Bush, and a Chicago street nigger, clearly cannot survive. The Northwest is the […]

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New Brigadier

Hi HAC, A. M. here. I just finished reading your latest book (The Brigade, the great big one) that you sent me. Thank you very much. I haven’t read a book since I got on the internet 12 years ago because I thought the internet was the biggest and best book there ever was. I […]

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"Gotta Get Skype", Part Deux

Skype security concerns really boil down to 2: 1. Back doors (either current or future.) 2. Buffer overflows. There have been buffer overflows in just about every non-trivial software program. It just goes with the territory. Skype has had a couple, has been hacked, and has appeared to have fixed the program, as well as […]

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