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Likes AMF


          I just finished reading A Mighty Fortress. I really liked the main characters of Cody and Emily. As usual it was packed full of very important info and procedures. I had given up all hope of anything until I read these two books. (The Brigade and Mighty Fortress).

         I am now halfway through A Distant Thunder which [redacted] loaned me but eventually I would like my own signed copy. I think that one day soon these original signed copies will become heirlooms….thank you so much HAC. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to in life besides slavery to an evil bunch of bastards.

          As far as I am concerned we are the NAR living under the occupation of the scum that have enslaved us for so long and I will really enjoy kicking their sick and evil asses out forever. If I die in the process at least I will die with a smile on my face knowing that I got to punch my tormentor and bloody his nose for all the misery he has caused me and those in my world.

          Everywhere I go I tell folks that they are living in the NAR now and that it is just that we are at the present moment under occupation by our eternal enemy. It really shocks them but at least they now have heard of it.

          I wrote Pam Bailey a note of encouragement as well. I know what she is going through and I can totally relate because I myself have been a victim of ZOG’s gulags along with my son and many others that I know. What has me so enraged is that none of us are criminals or ever were. They are the ones who are criminals but even that is far too weak of a word to describe them with.

          I love getting the emails from you that come from the assholes that write in after finding a flyer and tell us to stay out and that call us all kinds of names. I look forward to seeing the look on their faces one day when it becomes a reality and the sooner the better.

          Thanks for your time and inspiration,

-Klamath Falls, OR.



  1. Ben
    Sep 27, 2009

    Mr. Covington,

    I am a 25 year old Canadian mechanized infantry soldier… a ‘Panzergrenadier’ is the term I use. I read ‘A Distant Thunder’ in less than 3 days, I had finished ‘The Brigade’ a week later. At that point I was printing out copies of your novels so that my comrades could “take the red pill”, as it were.

    I am very close to finishing my 6 year contract with the CF. I will be moving to Winnipeg (from Ontario) in order to complete my Bachelor’s degree. My intention during that time is to gradually move West. During my pilgrimage I will seek out local WN groups and counsel them against the dead-ends of costumism and crime. I will instruct them in the ideal of Northwest Migration. I believe the term you coined in your novels is “pragmatic tendency”. That is my aim, to send the Movement useful true-believers.

    After considerable reflection, I have chosen to throw my lot in with the cause of Northwest Migration. I will not close my comment with high-sounding generalities. In short, I know that I represent a silent majority of young North-Americans. We will be victorious.

    Best wishes,


  2. Bryan
    Sep 29, 2009

    I still like the idea of the Northwest Confederation. This will give our people more independance within the homeland (not to have all eggs in one basket) Different ideals will come together for representation and defence (this is diversity) Republics always fall apart. I am not saying I know the way byt we dont need to restrict ourselves at this point with constitution or certain likes / dislikes of anyone involved. The bio-laws and the tri-color are all we need in the migration movement.

    For the Homeland, BM

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