Homeland Blog
We Will Create a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.

We Begin…

For some years now I have run two blogs, one at http://downwithjugears.blogspot.com (known as Thoughtcrime) and a second blog at http://nwhomeland.blogspot.com on Northwest migration and racial issues. I am transferring that second blog to this, our new Party web site, so as to provide an element of daily update to the site.

Thoughtcrime will still be my vehicle for general racial and philosophic commentary and for guest columnists, notably the extremely popular Lone Haranguer, but my Northwest-specific and separatist commentary will be here on Homeland. In the past I have had a bad habit of missing days on my blogs, but I intend to be assiduous in keeping this blog up, and I will try whenever possible to do more than one entry per day.

We are finally embarking upon the great adventure, comrades. I look forward to sharing it with you, through the words of this site and out there in the real world where we must ultimately triumph.

-Harold A. Covington